How are these discount programs funded?

A proper advertising campaign to generate leads can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. When you enroll as in one of our programs, we are able to pass those dollars on to you by avoiding advertising costs.


What are your compliance, affiliations, and accreditations?

We are an authorized accreditor for CPACE


What if I never use my benefits?

There is absolutely no obligation for you to use the benefits provided by Neighborhood Remodeling Heroes. You can sign up and choose whether or not to actively promote the company as an Alliance Member or Ambassador, with no penalty for inactivity.


When do I get paid for my sponsorship fee or referral compensation?

We will immediately issue a check upon completion and payment for the referred project. Tracking is provided to ensure accurate monthly referral compensation


What if I am enrolled as in the Individualized Remodelling Benefits Program, but would like to become an Ambassador?

You may unenroll from the Individualized Remodelling Benefits Program with permission from your employer and enroll as an Ambassador.


Do I have to pay for services up front or is there financing available?

Neighborhood Remodeling Heroes works with a professional lender to provide financing options.


How do I get an estimate for services?

We provide free estimates for all our services. If you prefer not to have a technician come out, we can guide you through the best way to ensure an accurate estimate through measurements and photos. Please don’t climb up on the roof! We can do a visual estimate for roof remodeling.


I am a Real Estate Agent and cannot accept the sponsorship fee. Where do those funds go?

We suggest using your sponsorship funds as a donation to a charitable cause. Please consult your tax professional for best use.